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The album was originally going to close with "Promise", which was a highly improvised track filled with sweeping pads and IDM-like percussion (it was "Track 0" when I began messing around with ideas for the project). However, it began to sound too much like "The Monuments", so I scrapped it and replaced it with a track I had started back in November 27, 2012 but abandoned up to that point, called "Get This Mother".

Most of "Mother" is in "Promise/Mother". In the original version, I had left long spaces with silence or just acoustic drums in case I came up with something to fill it up later. So, when I revisited the track in 2013, I placed the pads from "Promise" over the spaces and added the stuttering lead synth (the very last melody written for the album). The synth part was originally going to be played on guitar, but it was hard for me to play it.


from Wander, released January 8, 2014




After the Pulse Greece

Conceived in 2009, the electronic music project After the Pulse by Greek composer Fotis Kyriazidis saw its first release, an electronic/ambient album called Wander, in 2014. It was followed by the dark ambient/audio storybook The Child Who Was A Flower. A third album is in the works. ... more

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